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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Medical residency in canada

Instructions and Help about Medical residency in canada

Hello this is dr. Steven Anthony medical doctor and consultant you are about to hear one of our interviews on the pathway to the Canadian residency program thank you for taking the time to listen to this interview and I hope you find it very useful if you want to find out more about our services and resources that can help you get a high score in the MC Cee MC cqe and USMLE exams then go to Canada Q bank.com today I'll be interviewing dr. walid Barak II who's a third-year resident in internal medicine at the Queens University which is located in Ontario Canada dr. walid Barak II will be sharing his insights and tips about the Canadian residency matching the coms pathway tips for taking the North American exams tips for medical students and physicians who want to enter the Canadian medical system the L MCC certificate PG specialties that are easy to get into in Canada tips for matching into difficult specialties in Canada I am G friendly provinces TOEFL and eyelets course preparation tips residency interview tips and much much more we recommend that you take a lot of notes during this video series the information shared in these free videos will improve your chances of securing a medical residency position in Canada so let's get started so hi wallet can you hear me hi yes I can hear you very well Stephen thank you everyone for listening so thank you dr. Wilde for taking the time to be here and also for your preparation for this call and I think it will help a lot of people especially because the Canadian system is somewhat complex and the thing that you've been through it already and you have placed the path it's really helpful that you are AB so this my pleasure so where are you originally from are you a Canadian and our unit no I'm not I'm an international medical graduates I graduated from Beirut from Lebanon monochrome and present in Canada so I got much as an IMG aha so you had finished your bachelor's is it or your post good that's right my bass are in marriage and surgery so how is it that you moved from a Lebanon do all the way to Canada I applied for immigration and the main reason for my emigration was because of my wife my what an alien she lives here she encouraged me to join her so we applied and I moved and that we would now living together here oh that's great that Eric so how much time did it take you from start to getting into the residency program so I was I was I should say I was lucky to get much from you know the first iteration of the combat I applied to so then took that much I graduated in summer 2022 and I I moved into Canada the same the same summer just after a month.

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