Residency Requirements
Residency Requirements

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Residency Requirements

What's up YouTube welcome to another episode of the undergrad forum now in this video we're going to talk about the different components of the residency application I got mine since it out right here so I'll just kind of go through it with you guys just so you know what are the components of the application and as we go through it we'll talk a little bit about the strategy that you can implement while putting this thing together just before we start though you should know one again this is my never humble and biased opinion regarding how you should do things so take it all with grains of salt whenever you hear that I say think about it yourself see if it's good strategy for you see if it works for you and talk to people who are attendings and current residents and other people and correspond with them and say hey what do you think I should be doing so keep your ear to the ground it's good that you're watching this video and getting more advice but you know talk to everyone and see what works best for you alright so the first thing on the application is called general information where they just want to know a lot of boring stuff your name your address your birth day where you were born your mailing address nothing interesting so that takes no time at all to put together that is gonna be one thing I talk about here which parts of the application you can quickly put together in which parts you should really be putting some heavy time into so that part don't put much time into it at all it's easy just knock it out just to make sure ok so what's really important here is the email that you put in this section under general information because that's the email that ear ass is gonna use to correspond with you so ear ass itself when like you put all this information in on the ear ass website that part of that website also has a email correspondence section like their own mailbox where you you know they'll contact you and schools can contact you through it and you can reply back to them what happens is since you know whether ear ass corresponds with you or a school through that mail service an automatic message will come to the email you laSandra general information saying hey you got a message under ear ask male portal go check it out here's a bit of a preview of it log in to reply through the portal the reason why that's important is a lot of schools will send you interview invitations with availability of dates through the portal and they are getting that you know the only way you're gonna be able to check throughout the day if you're getting interview invites is to check your email because it gets forwarded to it