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What CIC application must my mom fill out to resume permanent residency in canada?
It's not very clear from the question whether your mother has received her Permanent Resident status.If your mom is a Permanent Resident and had never rescinded her status or had her status removed, she will need to apply in the Canadian consulate for what's called a "Travel Document".Since your mom became a PR and left Canada before IRPA was passed in 2022. I am not sure how and if, he old rules would apply. But generally, any day a Permanent Resident spends outside of Canada accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse, counts as a day of physical residence in Canada for the context of meeting the requirements to maintain status (but not countable towards citizenship).Alternatively, and if your family doesn't intend to move back to Canada soon, she can request to give up her PR status, apply for a visa, and not have to deal with the Travel Document.
What is the most outrageous way someone got rich?
I am glad nobody mentioned his name. Maybe because he is so popular that everybody knows the reason behind his success, still, I find a complete justification to list his name.This man, as everybody knows, is Warren Buffett.Before continuing my answer on the reasons for his most outrageous way becoming rich, consider these facts first.He started investing into stocks from the age of 11. By the time Buffett was 15, he had a net worth of about $6,000. Now, at the age of 86, his wealth is $73.3 Billion. All his money came from his investments. He is not an entrepreneur or a co-founder. He earned money from his investing tactics.Until the age of 53, his net worth was around $620 Million, from 53–86, his net worth increased to $73.3 Billion. A whopping 72,680,000,000$ margin, earned in a span of 33 years. He joined the billionaires list at the age of 56.With his investments, many people who have believed in him benefitted by being a shareholder for his company “Berkshire Hathaway.” Berkshire Hathaway was able to generate 20% APR for its share holders every year! No other company has achieved this feat for so long.Why do I choose Warren Buffett:Warren Buffett is not a co-founder to any company like other Billionaires (like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg etc.). He is an investor. None of the other rich people were so successful as Buffett is. Everybody has a flaw behind their success (like, an argument that Mark Zuckerberg copying the idea of Facebook from his friend), but I find Buffett clean. He has failures, but he is clean of any allegations.His business tactics to become rich. It’s no less than outrageous. He knows every nook and corner of investing. He is so confident in his investments that he was not a Billionaire until the age of 56. All his trees bore fruits later. He planted a tree and nurtured with his genius mind. He know the results of his investments beforehand.The genius mind behind his investing tactics. It’s a pure mind game. I can quote below example for his genius strategy. Back in the days when there were many cola brands, Coke was one of the major one. There is a reason Buffett chose to invest in Coke leaving the other drinks behind. He “predicted” Coke is going to be a fast selling global drink. He is a part of success behind it. Here is the reason.There are taste buds in our tongue that recognizes a particular flavor. Like sweet, sour salt etc. When such taste hits the surface of tongue, the receptors sends a signal to brain, that this food or drink tastes like sweet/sour etc. This is captured by our brain and it memorizes it.Ex: When you drink an orange flavored soda, your brain recognizes its tanginess and sends a signal, which the brain memorizes. If you try drink it again, say an hour later, brain avoids having it, since it is fresh in memory. When you drink Coke, the brain couldn’t decode the flavor. Hence it cannot memorize. Its indistinguishable. In short, there is no taste memory to Cola in brain. What’s the advantage? You cannot get used to it. Every time you drink Coke, its refreshing. If you drink Fanta or any orange flavored soda, your brain recognizes the flavor and since it got accumulated to it, it tends to avoid drinking. But its not the case with Coke. You can drink coke anytime of the day or with any meal and still find it refreshing. You can try this yourself.The genius mind recognized it pretty quickly, a reason he chose Coke over all other flavored sodas to invest. People got to drink something, so it will be a long term investment. Now, it is the time to increase sales and root the drink dearer to people. What’s the best way to make it reach more to the general public? Then he thought of this brilliant idea. Associate Coke to all the moments of happiness so that in a customer’s conscious mind, they should think of Coke when they are happy or when they are having Coke, they should think of happy moments. All the advertisements associated to Coke are always showing a festive, light hearted happy moments (like Christmas ads, Diwali festive in India’s Coke ads, Confessing and accepting love etc.) which shows happy moments in a person’s life.The color of Coke is Red and white which interprets happiness (as in Christmas lights), the tagline is “Open happiness,” all associating to moments where a person is happy. So, whenever a person see a Coke in the market, they gets it as it is associated to some of his happy moments earlier. Once you hooked up to drinking Coke, the sugar and refreshing taste does the rest for you.Like this, he increased the sales of Coke to many folds. And later Coke gained a rapid global market becoming the most drinking soda by the world. And this is just one of the examples of his investing and marketing techniques.All his other investments has a theory and shows his brilliant mind at work. And to say the least, he is the least alleged or corrupt person in the list of Billionaires.Those are my few reasons to say Buffett was outrageous in the way he got rich.Update: Below is the video, in which Buffett speaks on some of his investments tactics and answers many other questions. Do watch it if you are interested. The above example on Coke is one of the examples he discussed briefly in this video.
Is there a Canadian equivalent to form I-9, which all US jobholders must fill out to prove legal residency in the US?
Thanks for the A2A, John.The question is: “"Is there a Canadian equivalent to the I-9, which all US jobholders must fill out to prove legal residency in the United States.”Jeff provided a very good response. Everyone who is employed must have a SIN number. Everyone over the age of 18, and therefore legally obliged to file income taxes whether or not (s)he has an income, must have a SIN number. While there is no obligation for minors to have a SIN number, many parents will apply for SIN numbers for their children, especially if they have RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plan) because the federal goverment will also contribute to the savings in the child’s RESP.Employers must ask for and record the SIN number of every employee. Employers must preach employee with a statement of income that includes the SIN number.SIN numbers are only required by a few government agencies, and even fewer private organizations (e.g., banks) and then only (ultimately) for tax purposes.Canadians are discouraged from using their SIN number in any other context. The SIN number is considered a sensitive identifier and not to be used lightly. Indeed, most government agencies are not allowed to ask for a person’s SIN number. See: Protecting your Social Insurance NumberYou must have a SIN number to be legally employed in Canada. In order to obtain a SIN number you must be a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident, or a legal temporary resident (e.g., on a work visa). (See What documents do I need to apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)? )The upshot is that, once the employer knows you have a valid SIN number, it is assumed that you are legally entitled to work. The employer would know if your SIN is valid because (s)he has to submit payroll taxes and ensure that appropriate income taxes are paid on your behalf. If the SIN number is not valid, Revenue Canada will let your employer know pretty quickly!Edit: added “not”: Indeed, most government agencies are NOT allowed to ask for a person’s SIN number.
How do you paraphrase the sentence: “As soon as the volunteers reached Yushu, they set out to work” to fill in this blank: “___ ___ ___ the volunteers ___ Yushu than they set out to work?”
No sooner did the volunteers arrive in Yushu than they set out to work.No sooner did the volunteers reach Yushu than they set out to work.
How can I best train a deep neural network to fill a blank within a sentence?
Assuming that you are only filling one character at a time.There are lots of ways to do this, what works best? Who knows. You'll have to try them all.One way would be to train a character based skip-gram net which uses a fixed context window to predict the central character - i.e. the features of the DNN are, say,  the 10-20 characters surrounding the central character - and the output is a softmax over all the possible characters in the data - you are training the net to predict the central character given the context and training it by moving a rolling window over your data.Another way to do it would be to use 2 character level language models - paper: Page on fit.vutbr.cz - train one on the training corpus and one on the reverse of the corpus - seed the forward model with everything to the left of the blank, seed the reverse model with the reverse of everything to the right - and average the scores predicted by the two to choose the best character. You could probably adapt Andrej Karpathy's char-rnn toolkit for this : karpathy/char-rnnYou can do something similar for words instead of characters as well by adapting the models to take words as inputs.Predicting multiple characters at once is trickier because the search space is pretty large - you could probably generate the N-best hypotheses for the k character slots only using unidirectional context and 1 of the two language model RNNs and then score the entire completed sentence using both the models - then pick the winning hypothesis.
What is the story of Shaniwar Wada Fort in Pune? How did it get the title of being haunted?
Behind the Fort's paranormal activities is a heart wrenching story of the assassination, greed for power and betrayal.On the night of every full moon, the fort in Pune becomes a place of horror. Where local people often hear a sound "KAKA..MALA VACHWA!" ("Uncle save me!") from the Fort in the full moon night. Where the spirit, till date, utters its last words of his past mortal life.History behind Shaniwar wada’s construction:Shrimant Peshwa Bajirao once saw a rabbit chasing a dog in this place. Taking inspiration from this, Shaniwar Wada was built, a place which would never see defeat.What does the word ‘Peshwa• even mean?A Peshwa was the equivalent of a modern Prime Minister in the Maratha Empire. Originally, the Peshwas served as subordinates to the Chhatrapati (the Maratha king), but later, they became the de facto leaders of the Marathas, and the Chatrapati was reduced to a nominal ruler.On 30 January, 1730 (Saturday) the ceremonial foundation of the Fort was laid. Bajirao brought a handful of soil from Shivaji’s birthplace and planted it into the foundation. The name of Shaniwar wada was derived from the word Shaniwar meaning Saturday.Haunted History behind Shaniwarwada:To read the story further, I shall ask you to assume yourself as the principal character, Narayanrao.You are Narayanrao.Your legendary grandfather Peshwa Bajirao-I was succeeded by your father Nanasaheb, 21 years ago.You have 2 brothers: Vishwasrao and Madhavrao.Your eldest brother Vishwasrao dies fighting a grand war at Panipat.Stricken by grief, your father dies shortly too.(Above: Vishwasrao)(Above: The region ruled over by your family)Your elder brother Madhavrao succeeds your father as Peshwa.He successfully rules for 11 years but unfortunately dies. Tuberculosis kills him.(In above pic: Elder brother Madhavrao)You are just seventeen years old.You are made the Peshwa now.Since you are young, your uncle Raghunathrao (youngest son of your grandmother Kashibai) is made your regent by Maratha commanders and is in charge of state on your behalf.(Above: Uncle Raghunathrao)Your succession, however, is highly challenged by your own chacha Raghunathrao, brother of your father.Your uncle had been fighting for power for a long time.His hunger for the throne sees an opportunity when you are declared Peshwa in 1772.You dislike your uncle as he was responsible for assassination attempts on your elder brother, Madhavrao’s life.However, circumstances force you and uncle to work together.Uncle Raghunathrao's wife Anandibai (chief antagonist) becomes very jealous.She has the burning desire to be the Queen of State.With time, situation becomes worse than ever.Your mother Gopikabai tightens her grip over you.Your Mother and Aunt are cousins, yet never leave an opportunity to humiliate each other.They both want absolute authority. Your mother, through you. And your Aunt, through your uncle.Under the influence of your mother, you start to control the power of your uncle.You are very young, arrogant, immature and impulsive.Your behavior leads to differences between you and him.These differences soon reach their peak and you finally place your uncle under house-arrest.The threat is contained and you feel safe now.You have a bitter relationship with Gardi, the Bheel hunting tribe from Northern India.They have been serving as Shaniwar wada’s guards for decades now (Gardi is a Marathi version of the english word Gaurd).They are paid employees of the state and in no way are loyal to you or your empire. They work for money.Your mother Gopikabai’s donations to the Bhahmin priests knows no limits.So much, that your state’s financials come under stress.You are unable to pay salaries to the Gardis. This creates friction and resentment.Your Aunt repeatedly pesters your Uncle. Suggesting him to replace you as the Peshwa. Asking him if he would work for his entire life as a servant to a spoilt brat? Where is his self respect? This enrages him.When your Uncle notices that Gardis are displeased, he sees an opportunity. He writes a letter to Gardis promising them their dues and then some more, for their services.But for that to happen he asks Gardis for help in order to get out of captivity.Uncle sends a message to Gardi cheif, Sumer Singh Gardi to capture you.His message reads “Narayanrao la dhara” (धरा) where dhara means to capture.This message gets intercepted by your aunt Anandibai who changes the letter dhara to make it read as maaraa or ‘kill• as in “Narayanrao la maara” (मारा)The miscommunication leads the Gardis to believe that your uncle has commanded them to kill you.But you have no idea of what is coming. You are pleased today because it is the auspicious last day of Ganesh Festival, Anant Chaturdashi. The sound of Aartis and Temple bells envelope the city.Sumer Singh Gardi leads a group of assassins at night, who enter in your chamber, while you are sleeping.They remove your personal security.Hearing some commotion, you wake up and see them with their naked swords.They are coming towards you.They are angry.You understand what was going to happen to you.You also figure out that your uncle has sent them.You scream for someone to save you.But there's no one around.Everyone's been taken care of.You somehow escape your chamber and run for your life.You are now running through these corridors and the Gardis are following you.You no longer have a father or elder brothers to protect you.It is clear that the only person who could save you now is your uncle.You run towards his chamber and shout, calling him and crying "KAKA..MALA VACHWA!" ("Uncle save me!")But he turns a deaf ear.You are finally near his chamber.You have been screaming at top of your voice:-"KAKA..MALA VACHWA!" ("Uncle save me!")You hugged your Uncle, he remains unmoved.You are caught by assassins in your uncle’s chamber.You are still screaming helplessly:-"KAKA..MALA VACHWA!" ("Uncle save me!")Your Uncle and your Aunt are silently watching you getting pulled away by the assassins.They drag you out of your Uncle’s chamber.They lift their sharp swords and swing hard at you.You are no more.They want to dispose your body but don't want anyone to find out.They chop you into tiny pieces.They fill and carry your mortal remains in a pot.There's a back gate to the wada that is seldom used.They carry the bleeding pot out from that gate.Wada stands near the bank of river ‘Mutha’.They use the blanket of darkness.They reach the river bank and set your mortal remains on fire.The next day, news spreads like wildfire.The public is shocked when they find out.The state plunged into grief.People curse your Uncle and Aunt for their heinous act.They arrest them.And all those guards who killed you.They are brought to the court.But your uncle is an seasoned politician.He makes an excuse that he was not involved and had written just ‘Dhara• (capture) and not ‘Maara• (kill) in his letter to the assassins.He pleads innocent.It is your Aunt’s turn now.She is found guilty.According to Hindu traditions, she is ordered to perform havans and yagyas to wash away her sins.But some sins never wash away.Uncle is tried, convicted, and sentenced to death by Justice Ram Shastri Prabhune.But the sentence was never carried out.Your uncle grabs power that he always wanted.Public hates them. There is backlash. He is resented.12 Maratha administrators conspire to oust your Uncle. Baarbhai is what they are called.They find out that your wife Gangabai is pregnant.They decide to wait and watch.If it's a girl, they'll have to accept your uncle as the Peshwa.If it's a boy, He'll be made the Peshwa. And will be assisted by Nana Phadnavis as a regent till he comes of age.It's a boy.Baarbhai oust your Uncle and crown your 40 day old boy as the next Peshwa.But your Uncle refuses to go down without a fight.They battle at Pandharpur and Uncle loses.Your executioner Sumer Singh Gardi dies mysteriously.Maratha nobles and commoners accept your son as their Peshwa.The gate through which your mortal remains were taken out of the wada is now named ‘Narayan Darwaja• (Gate) after you.You never got justice. Your murderers went unpunished. Your soul desires Moksh but still resides in there with your painful agony.Every full moon night your spirit cries to be saved, screaming"KAKA..MALA VACHWA!""KAKA..MALA VACHWA!"References:‘The History of Maratha People• by Rao Bahadur, C. A. Kincaid and D. B.Parasnis (Publisher: Oxford University Press).(Posted: 19th Oct, 2017)(PS: Residents of Pune have been saying since the 18th century that the Wada is haunted. This answer was written from their perspective, not mine. Ghosts aren't real, I believe. They also claim that the later Peshwas use to occasionally see Mastani's spirit in the premises. She committed suicide in 1740, when she was informed about the sudden demise of her husband Peshwa Bajirao-I).Lesson learnt: Greed Kills!
What was Donna Brazile talking about when she said, "70% of domestic abusers now can get firearms, because there's no serious background checks"? Surely, the NICS is a serious background check?
Surely the NICS is a serious background check?Think so?  Read this report:  Enforcement of the Brady Act, 2022 (PDF)According to that report, in 2022 6,037,394 NICS checks were performed.  Of those, 72,659 resulted in rejections - 34,459 for "Felony indictment or conviction," 13,862 because the purchaser was identified as a fugitive, and 7,666 due to "State law prohibition."  I don't know about the other 16,672.Before a NICS check is run, the purchaser must fill out and sign a BATFE Form 4473.  Doing so falsely is signing a confession to a felony that can put you away for five years.So how many denials resulted in jail sentences?Forty-four (44).  That's (carry the one...) 0.06%.And, interestingly enough while talking with my favorite firearms dealer this afternoon about this very fact, he related to me a very interesting bit of information.  A gentleman had come in to the store recently and attempted to purchase a firearm.  This time, when filling out the Form 4473 and providing his identification information, he presented a Resident Alien ID ("Green card").  It is legal for resident aliens to purchase a firearm.The NICS check came back as "Hold" - which means "don't transfer the gun, we need to look into this further," not "hold the guy, we'll be down to pick him up shortly."  The dealer found this odd, because this particular gentleman had previously purchased a firearm from that very establishment with no problem at all, so after he left, they went back through their Forms 4473 to find his previous purchase.On that one, he'd identified himself as a U.S. citizen.  And the NICS system had approved the sale without blinking.So just how "serious" is the NICS check, I ask you?
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