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As an international student (F1 visa) studying in Massachusetts (from Aug 2013), who was in California from May - Aug, do I have to fill tax forms as a resident or non-resident for Massachusetts?
Massachusetts does not define residency for tax purposes based on your US visa status. Under Massachusetts law, you are considered a resident of Massachusetts if you are either domiciled there, or if you maintain a permanent place of abode there and you spent at least 183 days there during the tax year.As a student on an F-1 visa, the first of these does not apply. As to the second, if you are living in university-supplied housing that is available only to university students, then the second wouldn't apply either. If you are living in a private apartment or other non-university housing that is available to the general public as well as to university students, on the other hand, that would be considered a permanent place of abode, since you have been in Massachusetts for a predetermined period of time in excess of one year. If that is the case and you spent 183 days in Massachusetts in 2022. you are a resident for Massachusetts state tax purposes and you file a resident tax return.The income you earned working in the library would be considered to be Massachusetts source income, and would be your only taxable income in Massachusetts if you are not a Massachusetts resident. If you are a Massachusetts resident, you declare all of your income, including that which you earned in California, and you can take a credit for the taxes you pay California.You absolutely should consult with a local tax professional in Massachusetts who has worked with international students. Your university international student center can usually recommend someone. I recommend against trying to do this yourself.
How does an out-of-state undergraduate student establish California residency to get in-state tuition at a UC school?
As a UC gradute student I was told that the following steps would establish residency: Open a bank account at a local branch with my CA address as contact info, and if possible, change or cancel other accountsRegister to vote in CaliforniaGet a CA drivers license.I did the first two within a week of arriving, and delayed getting a drivers license until February because I did not drive a car. I was able to be approved as a CA resident after the first year. (I think you are asking for undergraduates, so this may not be pertinent  to you specifically, but it also answers the question)
How much tax do students on an F1 visa doing a summer internship in California have to pay?
This is a very vague question but I will still try to give my best.Lets assume your income for year 2018(as an intern) is $40000. After taking the standard deductions of $4,236 your taxable income becomes ~$35700. You would have to look up in the tax table to figure out your taxes 2022 California Tax Rates and Exemptionstaxes for $35700 is roughly $2300. Note this is a guess work.This is a very basic example. Based on your financial situation this calculation would be different.Since you are one f1 visa you might be considered non resident alien. This software gives you an eof taxes after entering your w-2 information for FREE. Taxes for non-resident aliens
Why do I have to fill out a W-8BEN form, sent by TD Bank, if I am an F1-student (from Canada) that is not working?
Of course you are not working. But the bank needs to notify the IRS of the account and it using the W-8BEN for to get the info it needs about you.
What forms does a non-resident need to fill to file state returns for California? Also, can an international student file state returns in California online using TurboTax as a non-resident?
What "resident" means for California taxes is different from what it means for federal taxes, which is in turn different from what it means in other contexts. You are generally a "resident" for California tax purposes if you live in California.California full-year residents use Form 540 (or 540 2EZ). California nonresidents and part-year residents use Form 540NR (long form or short form).
How much cheaper would it be for California resident to attend graduate school in Berkeley compare to out of state student?
A Google search shows the following: Tuition Costs & FeesI'm not putting specific numbers here because the amount will change every year.
I am an F1 student. If I fill Turbotax as a US resident, are there any possible repercussions when I apply for a green card?
As an F1 student you should either need to file 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ based on your income level. Historically turbotax disnt support these forms but recently they partnered with sprintax and you can file taxes using that. See  Does TurboTax handle Form 1040NR for nonresident
How long does it take to fill out University of California TAG?
It should not take more than an hour. I strongly suggest you complete it with a college counselor so you are taking the correct courses.The TAG agreement is a wonderful partnership between CA community colleges and the UC system, so take advantage of this service.
How long does it take to change status from F1 to permanent resident when a parent with permanent resident status petitions for an F1 student inside the U.S?
If the permanent resident is petitioning an unmarried child under 21, that is in the F2A category, which currently has a wait for visa numbers of almost 2 years. (If they are too close to 21 they may age out.) Note that depending on how the permanent resident parent got permanent residency, an unmarried child under 21 might be able to immigrate as their derivative beneficiary, and not need to be petitioned separately.If the permanent resident is petitioning an unmarried child over 21, that is in the F2B category, which currently has a wait for visa numbers of almost 7 years. The child cannot marry during this time as there is no category for married children of permanent residents.That the child is in F1 status now is not relevant. If the child is in the US and in status at the time a visa number becomes available, they they can do Adjustment of Status in the US, otherwise they do ConProcessing abroad.
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