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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing California state university residency requirements

Instructions and Help about California state university residency requirements

Hi my name is Eugene I'm a journalism student here CS and my name is Kirsten and I'm also a journalism student here at CSU if you're a graduate or undergraduate student a parent of a student this video should pryou some insight into the general residency requirements the emancipation requirements and the petitioning process here at CSU to start off your initial tuition classification is determined from information you provided on your admissions application once you are classified as an non-resident student you can begin the petitioning process to change residency from an out-of-state student to an in-state student to petition you must first be admitted to the University in second be enrolled in at least one credit hour and the term for which your petition in state classification is based off of Colorado law it is not a Colorado State University policy therefore CSU can only prexceptions to those that are specifically permitted by the state the burden of proof is on you to prclear and convincing evidence that you have lived in Colorado for the required one year tuition classification law states that no person can establish a domicile in Colorado for the sole purpose of changing their residency classification for tuition purposes when reviewing petitions prep the primary question that student financial services staff will ask themselves is if CSU were not here would you still have moved to Colorado and still make Colorado your fixed and permanent home so first the thing we need to do is determine if you're a qualified person because only qualified people can apply a qualified person is 23 years old on or prior to the first day of class for the semester for which you are petitioning married at least one year on or prior to the first day of class for the semester you are petitioning for a graduate student a parent of a dependent minor or an emancipated minor an emancipated minor is any person under the age of 23 years who does not not meet the above criteria and is 100% financially separated from family or parents and is not dependent for tax purposes you're probably wondering what this domicile where we keep throwing around now domicile is just a word that the state likes to use to define your fixed and permanent home there are two components associated with making Colorado your daaamn so the first one is your physical presence in Colorado and the second is your intent on making Colorado your permanent home now your domicile must be in place for a full year now let's take a closer look on what physical presence and evidence for intent really mean physical presence is the actual place where a qualified person has established permanent legal residence in Colorado you must stay here for 12 continuous months on or prior to the first day of classes and must remain when school is not in session your permanent dress should be reflected.

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