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Washington state university login Form: What You Should Know

Health professions—3,450 applications & 3,973 admissions—9 students have been accepted into the programs offered by Washington State University Health Sciences. • Human services—2,100 applications & 2,982 admissions—8 students have been accepted in the Bachelor of Science in Social Work. • Music theory—3,400 applications & 3,944 admissions—5 students have been accepted into the programs offered by the Bachelor of Music Performance & Technology.  • Philosophy—1,770 applications & 1,975 admissions—9 students have been accepted into the program offered by the Bachelor of Philosophy in Philosophy. • Professional studies—800 applicants & 851 admissions—1 student accepted at the time of this writing (June 15). • Religion/Spirituality—1,250 applications & 1,980 admissions—1 student accepted at the time of this writing (June 15). • Social work—1,050 applications & 1,973 admissions—4 students have been accepted into the programs offered by the Bachelor of Social Work. • Sociology/Political science/Government—700 applicants & 709 admissions—6 students have been accepted into the programs offered by the Bachelor of Social Work. • Teaching/learning. . . —700 applicants & 709 admissions—3 students have been accepted into the Bachelor of Teaching. Graduate Studies Admission Office and School of Education Washington State University Graduate Program in Teaching Admission Process The primary application deadline is mid-February. The admission committee interviews candidates during several interviews in early May, approximately one month before the deadline. Interview dates are posted on the Graduate Program on your campus. Washington State University offers three general-education baccalaureate (GED) admission programs. The three programs are: A General Education Baccalaureate (GET) program offers one-year of full-time education at all levels of study. Students select their program of study individually. The Master of Arts (MA) degree program is designed to expand students' knowledge and skills in one or more academic disciplines, and to provide students with the opportunities and resources necessary for successful research and teaching. The Master of Science (M.S.) degree program provides one year of fully-funded specialized education tailored to the student's unique career goals and needs. Students select their program of study individually.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Washington state university login

Instructions and Help about Washington state university login

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