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Instructions and Help about Residency requirements definition

What's up guys doctor back here back with not another episode of wrists explained but something a little bit different but a lot of you guys have been reaching out to me on here and on Instagram asking me about how to become an orthodontist so I figured I'll take a little bit of time today and just kind of explain the path to becoming an orthodontist which I am almost there I have about five more months and you know the steps along the process now if this is a video that's interesting to you guys I'm more than happy to do individual steps about you know how to get then we'll scroll how to get a residency and all about that but I figured today we take a little bit of time and just take a step back and talk about how to become an orthodontist first what is an orthodontist so an orthodontist is a specialty of Dentistry which is termed orthodontics and dental facial orthopedics so we're responsible for making sure not only that you have a nice smile but you have a functional bite you can chew well and your jaws or position in a healthy and stable position to become an orthodontist you have to first become a dentist so let's rewind a little bit here after high school the routes of being a orthodontist this is quite long but it's definitely worth it after you complete your high school training you then go on for your undergraduate career and you get a bachelor's of science or art or what have you now common misconception a lot of people think that oh I have to be a science major to go into dental school and it's not the case you do have to have certain classes that are required for dental school but that doesn't mean that you have to be a science major I had people in my class that were art major history major a bunch of different things i luckily liked science so I was a science major but that doesn't mean that that's the route for those of you that are curious I got my undergraduate degree in molecular cell and developmental biology math full of a major but it's basically one of UCLA's biology majors your college education usually ranges between I've heard some people finish in three years some people take five or six even more but the average is usually four when you finish your undergraduate degree then you have your bachelor's and you can apply to dental school and you can apply to dental school as early as one year before you finish your bachelor's which is what I did that way when you complete your training in let's say June you can start that fall into a dental school I can go into more detail about applying a dental school in a future video but something I was actually super passionate about when I.


How can you travel the world when you own one of the worst passports around?
You can do this without getting married!!!  Please don't marry someone for citizenship you will be at their beck and call and you may never actually get to travel anywhere.  I see so many women doing that and I feel so sad for them that they never get to achieve their dreams!  You want more than that for yourself.Move to Ireland (I believe you can get a visa for Ireland straight from Iran).  Get a social security number and job, and stay there for 3 years.  You can possibly do this as an unskilled worker.  If not, you can definitely do it as a skilled migrant (e.g. if you train as a doctor, nurse, or engineer.  Nursing is your very best option as it's quickest to train via a 3 year degree, and it's in high demand around the world).  Apply for citizenship as a naturalized Irish citizen.  Get an Irish passport.  That's what I'd do if I was in your situation.  3 years may seem like a long time (I don't know how old you are) but it's really not when you compare it to how amazing your life could be after you gain the freedom of movement you are seeking, which you could then have for the rest of your life (which I'm assuming will be considerably longer than 3 years).  It sounds like you have good English from the way you've written your question so you probably won't have any problem with filling in application forms etc.Ireland is very lenient about its immigration and residency requirements, and you can go ANYWHERE on an Irish passport.  If you are trained as a nurse, you can alternatively get a skills shortage visa for fast-track immigration to New Zealand or Australia as well, both of which will also let you stay if you're contributing to the economy, although the requirements are a bit different for getting an Aussie or New Zealand passport.Irish citizenship worked for this Iranian-born lady (I mean obviously aside from the fact that she sadly died, but the immigration/residency thing is similar to your own situation): Mystery of Marsha Mehran - the best-selling young novelist who died a recluseAnd my grandma used nursing as a career to get out of a country she hated, and it's still the best chance for unmarried women today too.
What CIC application must my mom fill out to resume permanent residency in canada?
It's not very clear from the question whether your mother has received her Permanent Resident status.If your mom is a Permanent Resident and had never rescinded her status or had her status removed, she will need to apply in the Canadian consulate for what's called a "Travel Document".Since your mom became a PR and left Canada before IRPA was passed in 2022. I am not sure how and if, he old rules would apply. But generally, any day a Permanent Resident spends outside of Canada accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse, counts as a day of physical residence in Canada for the context of meeting the requirements to maintain status (but not countable towards citizenship).Alternatively, and if your family doesn't intend to move back to Canada soon, she can request to give up her PR status, apply for a visa, and not have to deal with the Travel Document.
What are the new Schenzen visa requirements? How do I fill out the online form?
You can find every detail you are looking for about a Schengen tourist Visa in the following article. You can download the form and take a print out or fill it electronically.10 answers you need to know about Schengen Tourist Visa in 2018Thank you for upvoting
Is there a Canadian equivalent to form I-9, which all US jobholders must fill out to prove legal residency in the US?
Thanks for the A2A, John.The question is: “"Is there a Canadian equivalent to the I-9, which all US jobholders must fill out to prove legal residency in the United States.”Jeff provided a very good response. Everyone who is employed must have a SIN number. Everyone over the age of 18, and therefore legally obliged to file income taxes whether or not (s)he has an income, must have a SIN number. While there is no obligation for minors to have a SIN number, many parents will apply for SIN numbers for their children, especially if they have RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plan) because the federal goverment will also contribute to the savings in the child’s RESP.Employers must ask for and record the SIN number of every employee. Employers must preach employee with a statement of income that includes the SIN number.SIN numbers are only required by a few government agencies, and even fewer private organizations (e.g., banks) and then only (ultimately) for tax purposes.Canadians are discouraged from using their SIN number in any other context. The SIN number is considered a sensitive identifier and not to be used lightly. Indeed, most government agencies are not allowed to ask for a person’s SIN number. See: Protecting your Social Insurance NumberYou must have a SIN number to be legally employed in Canada. In order to obtain a SIN number you must be a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident, or a legal temporary resident (e.g., on a work visa). (See What documents do I need to apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)? )The upshot is that, once the employer knows you have a valid SIN number, it is assumed that you are legally entitled to work. The employer would know if your SIN is valid because (s)he has to submit payroll taxes and ensure that appropriate income taxes are paid on your behalf. If the SIN number is not valid, Revenue Canada will let your employer know pretty quickly!Edit: added “not”: Indeed, most government agencies are NOT allowed to ask for a person’s SIN number.
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