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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing California nonresident tax calculator

Instructions and Help about California nonresident tax calculator

Hi I'm Jennifer with the California Franchise Tax Board you may have heard a say time and time again that calfile is free fast and easy well today we're gonna take a step by step look at calfile California's free online tax filing program before you get started you want to make sure you have everything you need your social security number your tax and income statements such as your 1099 s and your w-2s your bank account information and it's always a good idea to have the current year's federal tax return okay now that you have everything with you it's time to go to our website at WWF TBC AG f then click on Kel file here you'll see a lot of information so to jump straight into using Cal file click here this is where we put in our social security number and last name and then you'll answer six basic questions which will customize your experience okay now that you're eligible the fun begins okay not exactly fun but calfile does make filling out your taxes a lot less painful and it doesn't take too long either watch calfile walks you through page by page everything you need to include on your california state income tax return just fill in your information for each section and click continue remember to always use the continue and back buttons at the bottom of the page not your browser buttons at the top there are a few things to keep in mind with Cal file for taxpayer security Cal file will time you out of the program after 30 minutes on each page and Cal fowl does not say the half completed form but don't stress too much the average time to complete the entire program is about 15 minutes just make sure you have all your tech stuff before you start for a fast refund select direct deposit and enter your bank account information you can also pay your balance due electronically using Cal file with direct deposit is the fastest way to get your refund there are help files inside Cal file not sure how to input your interest earn for the year just click on the question mark icon and you'll find a detailed explanation to help you understand anything you're unsure about ok now the return is complete you reviewed it for errors and you're ready to submit just click the submit button and your tax return will be sent directly to us you will see a confirmation page and get a confirmation number instantly this means we've received your tax return and you can live another day that's it it's easy it's fast oh yeah and it's free you.


What deductions (income taxes...) do I have to face in California (San Francisco)?
The tax calculations have a lot more parameters than you mention, and it is far simpler to look them up than to calculate them from the underlying formulas.  If you are an employee, your employer will calculate payroll deductions that more or less approximate the tax you will owe but tend to be on the high side.The government sites' tax calculators are downloadable applications, so instead I used one from surepayroll, which seems to have the best search optimization (it was the first relevant-looking google search for "payroll tax calculator").  Here: http://www.surepayroll.com/calcu...Filling in your numbers: 2022 taxes for single person living in California, 3 allowances, no additional allowances or voluntary withholding, produces:$210,000 salary$49,356.50 federal withholding (23.5%)$4,626.20 social security (2.2%)$3,045 medicare tax (1.45%)$18,173.54 california state tax (8.65%)Total taxes withheld: $75,201.24 (35.8%)At the end of the year you will calculate your actual taxes, and make up the difference with a refund or payment.To give you an imprecise sketch of how those taxes are determined, federal taxes are applied in bands, as successive portions of your income are taxed at increasingly higher rates (see http://taxes.about.com/od/Federa...10% of income from $0 to $8,700, plus15% of income over $8,700 to $35,350, plus25% of income over $35,350 to $85,650, plus28% of income over $85,650 to $178,650, plus33% of income over $178,650 to $388,350, plus35% of income over $388,350Your total income throughout the year (which might include side jobs, interest, bonuses, and other things not taken into account on your payroll witholding) is considered "gross income".  Several small items are deducted in order to calculate "adjusted gross income", and then a number of larger items are deducted to produce "taxable income", which is what the above formula applies to.  Most importantly, the total amount of state taxes you have paid throughout the year are deducted.  This includes the $18,173.54 California withholding - not the amount of California taxes you will owe on your yearly California tax forms, but the actual amount you paid.  If there's a refund or make-up payment, that comes in next year unless, realizing that, you make an additional contribution to the state before the end of 2012.  Certain portions of real estate taxes, home mortgage payments, vehicle license fees, unreimbursed business expenses, etc., may be deductible if they qualify, and there can be some other special tax breaks that get thrown in.  This is where the politicians like to tweak things in order to say they're giving people a bonus, but they usually amount to no more than a few hundred dollars, if that.  If the total of all the state and local tax payments and all of these other deductions and they exceed a threshold called the "standard deduction" ($5,950 for married filing separately) you use this amount and file a more lengthy return, otherwise you take the standard deduction and typically file a shorter return. State taxes are based on federal income, with a different but roughly parallel set of deductions.  On the tax form this is expressed as "adjustments" that apply to your federal income in order to get state taxable income.  California has a series of marginal tax brackets just like the federal government, starting at 1% and rapidly topping out at 9.3% of income over $46,766 (10.3% of income over $1 million).If you run your own business or receive consulting rather than payroll income, you have to pay a special "self employment tax", and your business expenses are direct reductions in your calculated income rather than tax deductions.  Other forms of income like royalties, capital gains, and income from rental property have their own rules.Here are a couple additional issues if you are a nonresident alien.  If you are on an F-1, J-1, M-1, or Q-1 visa (not sure about H-1B), you do not owe social security or medicare tax (or self-employment tax), as you are not eligible for these government benefits.  If that has been deducted from your paycheck it is refundable at the end of the year.  You are also ineligible  to file a joint married return, so instead you file as "married filing separately".  That option is not available on the payroll forms, so you check the box for "married, but withhold at the higher single rate".  See  http://www.irs.gov/businesses/sm...I'm not an accountant, and I might have missed a few things.  This is intended as an illustration of how taxes work and not financial advice to you.
How is a single-member LLC owned by a nonresident alien taxed? Should I fill out a W-8 or am I deemed not to have U.S. activities?
Based on the facts as you have presented them:You are selling a product, as I see it, and not a service - although there's something of a gray area here, this is more like an intangible asset than it is providing a personal service for compensation. That product is being offered to US-based customers who are using it in the US - your focus is building up your market in the US, and you are doing that under the auspices of an LLC which is US-based. Looking at all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the conduct of your business, as you have presented them and as the IRS will look at them if asked, I conclude that you are conducting a business in the US and your income from US sources is effectively connected with the conduct of that business in the US, which means that you are subject to US taxes on that income.With that conclusion, Form W-8ECI is the proper form to prto your US sources if you wish to prevent withholding on the income from your business.I want to add one point, since this seems to be coming up frequently - while an LLC is a disregarded entity for tax purposes, it is still a legal entity in the US - and the fact that you, as a nonresident alien, choose to operate a business under the auspices of a US-based LLC is a piece of evidence that can, under the appropriate set of facts and circumstances, be used by the IRS to support an argument that you are conducting business in the US and that your income from that business that comes from US sources should be taxable in the U.S. You should not assume that as a nonresident alien you have carte blanche to create a US LLC, operate a business under its auspices, and then at tax time argue that the income should not be taxable in the US because the LLC is a disregarded entity. The IRS will look at all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your business, including your choice of a US-based entity as the face of your business, and while that decision alone won't be dispositive, it will certainly be considered.
What tax forms would I have to fill out for a single-owner LLC registered in Delaware (generating income in California)?
A2A - LLC are a tax fiction - they do not exist for tax purposes.  There are default provisions thus assuming you've done nothing you are a sole proprietor.Sounds to me link you have a Delaware, California, and whatever your state of residence is in addition to federal.You've not provided enough information to answer it properly however.
I started teaching piano lessons this year, how do I pay quarterly taxes in California? What form should I fill out?
Go to https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/...  You will file a form 1040ES each quarter.  The website will tell you the due dates for each quarterly payment.  Get a similar form from your state tax board website if you pay state taxes.Note: If this is your first year filing, ever, then you can get away without sending in estimated payments because you owe the LESSER of what you owe this year or last year.  Having been self-employed most of my life, I always filed quarterly estimated taxes, using the amount I had owed the year before, because I had to to avoid fines, and because I didn't want to get to April of the next year and not have the money.  As for the amount you should pay to the IRS and your state, you might be able to figure this out using worksheets available on the IRS and state websites.  If you chose to deal in cash and not report it, that's your business.  Your students are not going to send you a 1099 at the end of the year.  But if you teach at an institution which pays you more than a few thousand dollars a year, they WILL file a 1099 stating how much they paid you in miscellaneous income, with the IRS and state.
How long should we expect to wait until California’s gas tax money is used to fill potholes in San Diego?
It will probably get worse before it gets better. The gas tax and registration monies are going down that black hole called CALPERS. CALSTRS is also in the red and monies from the taxes go into the General Fund so they aren’t well tracked. The City of San Diego has it’s own pension deficit and they tried to solve it by putting new employees on a 401k. But the new employees are suing to reinstate fixed pensions which are the big reason people line up to work for goverment anyway. But your smaller cities can’t afford to set up pension plans so they join CALPERS and many of these cities are having problem with street lights and potholes paying pension contributions. After the legislature passed SB400 in 2022. the CALPERS pensions were essentially doubled. And the catch-up in contributions is a bitch because it gets very political. The solution since 2022 is more small taxes and fees like gas tax and registration but the state constitution allows raising property taxes to pay for pensions. So far, only Oakland has considered it but it hasn’t been implemented. Another thrust is to repeal Prop 13, first on commercial properties, then on residences. But this is a hot potato as I think most Californians, if they knew about the super-generous pensions already, would not support a growing super-class of citizens. Bring on the next recession, and I think you will see a real battle between this privileged class and the starving regular folk. I have a client who was a Physics prof at SDSU that gets 14k a month. And it’s guaranteed. Most teachers get around 8k a month. Not even big executives score that type of money. And the state employees also have other special plans for additional retirement.So to answer your question in a short manner, you have to let this go to when the fireworks start. It’s going to make for very interesting political fireworks when the politicians use it to get elected and the public wakes up.
How do I fill out a 1120 tax report?
If you are not sophisticated with taxes, DON'T try this form. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble.  Get a good CPA or EA.  The time and effort it will take you to figure this thing out is not worth it. If you value your time at more than the minimum wage, you will save time and money by hiring a professional.
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