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We could have some sort of lecturer structure but add in some cases to work through I have been selected to be one of the co Chiefs for the family program here at Sunnybrook we did a couple months ago with some elections so we had to give our platform and do some speeches and I became one of the shoots that way my peers elected me I officially start in July I take over from the Chiefs that are graduating this year but we've been doing a lot of planning already has anybody come up with ideas or things that they really want covered so at least between your guys half days and ours we can at least meet as many of the requirements people want there are some things that I thought we would benefit from so the main thing was the academic half days I really like the whole case based learning type thing and I found that a lot of our lectures were just that they were just lectures and weren't really interactive so that was the main source of my pot worm guess we shooters like perfect on my coffee they want pizzas here today yeah so the main thing that we do is we work to liaise with the faculty here at Sunnybrook tell them what the residents want and also bring that to the GFC M so the department we do that through the family residence Association of Toronto so frat who tend those meetings it's usually a monthly meeting and we give like a check-in about what sorts of things we're having issues with or what we really like part of the reason why I wanted to be chief was so I can see it from the other end of the spectrum to see what the administrative side is on these things and if I want to do teaching and that's one thing I'm gonna have to know what to do so all three of those you can hold on to I will show you where to find the information as well there is a bit of a pay raise we get a we get a little bit of extra money to help basically it compensates for the extra hours of work that we have to do this is great then we get a head start on planning the been really busy but we try and schedule meetings within the work days you know it can have anywhere from one extra hour to you know 10 extra hours per week but once we get the academic half-day set up or at least get them rolling the added the added work of just doing the call schedules isn't really that much and then you know we all have monthly meetings and those will have extra a couple hours per month so it's not too bad once the whole year gets rolling it's more this whole process now you know it's crunch time.


Are Australian doctors rich?
What is the average doctor salary in Australia? The average yearly physician or doctor salary (working in a general practice) is a little over $101,000. This is closely behind a physician or doctor working in an emergency department in a hospital, who brings in about $102,000.
How much are residents paid in Australia?
Find out what the average Resident salary is The average resident salary in Australia is $100,148 per year or $51.36 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $86,643 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $175,365 per year.
What specialty has the longest residency?
The length of residency depends on the field a graduate chooses to take. Medical specialties such as family medicine and internal medicine often require three years, whereas surgery usually requires 5-7 years of training, and neurological surgery is the longest at 7 years.
How much do you make in MD residency?
As a physician, you will not maximize your earnings until the completion of your graduate medical education. The average first-year resident physician makes about $60,000, and there's not much wiggle room. Resident salaries are determined by an institution and correlate with training year rather than specialty.
How much do Australians make a month?
Salary between AUD$90,000 13 AUD$108,000 annually or AUD$7,500 13 AUD$9,000 monthly is considered a good salary in Australia. That said, the national average is about AUD$90,000 per year. In major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, you can expect a higher salary of around AUD$110,000 13 AUD$150,000.
Which medical residency pays the most?
Here are the five top-paying specialties for residents. Medical geneticists, $67,500. Allergy and immunology, $66,500. HIV/infectious diseases, $66,500. Surgery, specialized, $65,700. Plastic surgery/aesthetic medicine, $65,600.
Where do residents get paid the most?
The highest-paid residents According to the report, the residents with the highest salaries reported working in allergy and immunology, hematology, plastic surgery, rheumatology, and specialized surgery, with an average annual salary of $69,500.
Where do the highest paid doctors live?
Here's the lowdown on the top 10 highest paying states for physicians according to Medscape's 2022 compensation report. Florida. If you're competing in the local Little League team, tenth place might not be that great Texas Connecticut North Carolina Indiana Oregon Missouri Alabama.
How much do you get paid as a resident?
Medical Resident Salaries Job TitleSalaryMedStar Health Medical Resident salaries - 215 salaries reported$66,734/yrUPMC Medical Resident salaries - 195 salaries reported$65,234/yrUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Resident salaries - 150 salaries reported$60,517/yr17 more rows
What is the highest paid Md specialty?
RELATED. The list of the top 10 highest physician salaries by specialty for 2022 Neurosurgery 13 $773,201. Thoracic surgery 13 $684,663. Orthopedic surgery 13 $633,620. Plastic surgery 13 $556,698. Vascular surgery 13 $552,313. Oral and maxillofacial 13 $545,471. Radiation oncology 13 $544,313. Cardiology 13 $537,777.
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